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Sdome is an architecture and construction bureau. We develop and realize buildings and works that are based upon the construction scheme of the scientist, engineer, and inventor, Richard Buckminster Fuller.
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Who is he, Buckminster Fuller? What is this man famous for, who had died two years before one discovered and named after him a new family of carbonic molecules? Why can his name give a „charisma“ to a molecule, and why Nobel prize-winners argue about who was the first to suggest this name?
The geodesic dome is his most famous invention: one of the most solid constructions in the world as well as one of the most easy and quick one to build.

The geodesic dome consists of sections of squared timber (or metal bars, or plastic tubes) that are connected with each other under a precise angle and that are precisely well-calculated in their length.
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The construction of geodesic domes are very similar to some biological structures, like the macromolecular chlatrin complex, a net of bundle of cells of multicellular animals, or like the skeletons of unicellular organisms and some radiolarias.
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In 1990 the scientists who discovered the new formula of carbon existence became the Nobel Prize. The molecule С60 was called buckminsterfulleren, in honor of Fuller who had defined the construction formula long before this discovery: a dome-like basis (the geodesic dome) consisting of pentagons and hexagons.
The team of Sdome is highly professional – managers, architects and builders. We work with every client and every project individually; step by step we create and realize new ideas. Resting upon the experience of first-class professionals we listen to all of our customer’s wishes in order to create a living space according to their demands.

Every single our project is unique and individual thanks to technology that allows us to bring something inimitable to the image of every house.
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We build houses of different types and sizes, as well as cottages, summer houses, Russian baths („banya“), and other buildings. Our production withstand the highest ecological standards: along with the constructive LVL-timber we use oak, larch, ash tree, beech, and other wood types.

Using the brilliant invention of Bucky and the experience of dome builders from all over the world we create and build modern houses for you.